Enactus Lambton receives $120,000 donation for One Seed Project

Paul Hazzard, General Manager, South West Ag Partners Inc. and Judith Morris, President & CEO, Lambton College, pose in front of a dedication plaque unveiled June 9 to honour South West Ag’s financial contribution. A room will be dedicated to South West Ag on campus at Lambton College.

Lambton College’s Enactus team has received $120,000 from South West Ag Partners Inc. The donation, announced on June 9, be used to further enhance the work currently being done through Enactus Lambton’s award-winning One Seed Project. The significant financial contribution will help fund innovative solutions to a multitude of social and infrastructure issues in rural Zambia.

“Not only has the South West Ag team made a significant financial contribution to this project, they have personally invested their own time and resources to ensure it continues to be successful,” says Judith Morris, President & CEO, Lambton College. “This partnership will continue to support our students at Lambton College and those involved with the Enactus Lambton team, as well as change the lives of people living in the village of Kasaka, Zambia.”

The One Seed Project, launched in 2012, consists of a microloan program combining modern farming techniques and innovative breakthroughs to help boost corn yields for villagers in Kasaka, Zambia.

The South West Ag team has been involved with the One Seed Project since the beginning, and has provided ongoing support to monitor growing conditions in Zambia and help locals better understand the science of soil management and crop production.

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