‘Export Community’ has launch event

Companies interested in 'broadening their reach' gather in Point Edward

Stephen Cortelli of Farrow, a customs brokerage, spoke to those gathered at a launch event of the Global Business Opportunities Committee, an initiative of the Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce.

Using “Manufacturing Day” (Friday, October 7, 2016) as its backdrop, a group organized around promoting and facilitating export opportunities in Sarnia-Lambton has had its launch event, setting the stage for companies wanting to take advantage of global business opportunities.

Indeed, the very name of the Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce group—Global Business Opportunities Committee—says it all, say organizers, including Chamber CEO Shirley de Silva and John Wood, who co-chairs GBOC, which works actively with like-minded individuals at the London Chamber of Commerce.

At Friday’s event, which was held at the new Point Edward warehouse facility of Creative Education of Canada (which has operational headquarters at the DMI Building, also in Point Edward), CEO Joyce Keelan spoke about her own challenges related to “gender discrimination” in the early years of her career as a mechanical engineer.

“I promised myself I would never work for anyone again,” said Keelan as part of her keynote remarks to those gathered.

What the Sarnia native did was to form her own company, responding to a personal need to find a suitable toy for her then-young daughter. When she couldn’t find anything beyond kitchen gadgets and Barbie dolls, she decided to create her own—an initiative that ended up being Creative Education, which now operates under the “Great Pretenders’ brand.

Keelan and her partner, Reid Campbell, now export throughout the world.

Also at the event were representatives from Farrow, a customs brokerage based in Canada, and Export Development Canada, a Crown corporation that assists those needing financing related to international business.

The entire event was “live streamed” by David Burrows, a local internet broadcaster:

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