Family donates area woodlot to Conservation Authority

Tom Evoy was board member for many years

Members of the St. Clair Region Conservation Foundations and the Evoy family met to commemorate the donation of a 33-hectare woodlot.

The St. Clair Region Conservation Foundation has received a generous donation from the Evoy family of a 33-hectare woodlot in Enniskillen Township near Oil Springs. The late Tom Evoy was a board member of the Conservation Authority from 1976-1992 and a member of Conservation Foundation from 1979-1983.

In a ceremony this week (Monday, June 20) at the property, Duncan Skinner, president of the Conservation Foundation. talked about the tremendous contribution Mr. Evoy made toward conservation. “Tom Evoy was instrumental in establishing the tree planting program in the 1980s. He, along with Conservation Authority staff started a program that today has seen over 3.5 million trees planted,” Skinner said.

Mr. Evoy and Donald Craig, past staff member of the Conservation Authority, worked together to manage the Evoy Woodlot ensuring its health and sustainability. Many tours were held at the woodlot to demonstrate proper woodlot management practices.

“Our sincere thanks to Tom and his family for making this incredible gift – it leaves a legacy for future generations at a time when natural areas, environmental awareness and a place for people and wildlife is more important than ever,” Skinner said.

The property is located on Black Ash Road between Oil Springs Line and Aberfeldy Line.

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