‘Feels like home’

Family atmosphere and support from an organization that wants you to succeed

When Sarah Belton arrives at the McDonald’s restaurant on London Road, it feels like home.

“The people here have seen me at my best and the worst,” she says.

When I arrived here, I was just 15 and came in for a part-time job while going to high school,” says Sarah, who graduated from SCITS.

Now in the second assistant position, Sarah has worked in all stations at the restaurant.

Coming to McDonald’s was seemingly “meant to be” as it was the only place that called her back. Sarah remembers being interviewed by the mother of a boy she had helped with swimming classes.

From there, it was a place she’s come to appreciate.

“I fell in love with it,” says Sarah. “McDonald’s is a big company, but locally it’s a family business and that comes with an atmosphere of closeness.”

And Sarah says she has experienced first-hand what the opposite of that kind of experience, having left McDonald’s for about four years before returning after being laid off from a local call centre.

During her time at McDonald’s, she experienced a number of challenges, including having a daughter who was diagnosed with epilepsy.

All through those challenges, McDonald’s was incredibly supportive.

For anyone considering coming to McDonald’s for work, Sarah says it would be hard to imagine a better first job for someone who is willing to learn and dig in.

“I can’t stress enough that it’s an amazing first job, which for me is now a career,” she says. “It’s allowed me to be in the position I am, buying a house and getting married. I’m healthy now and happy and McDonald’s has a lot to do with that.”

Seeing employees who once worked at McDonald’s come back for a visit and find out they’ve missed working there is not something that’s surprising to her.

“Yes, it can be stressful, but it’s a fun place to work. And they give you the tools that help you succeed.”

At McDonald’s today, Sarah helps train and coach guest experience leaders at the restaurant, a role that has direct interface with guests.

And now with table service, it’s one that’s becoming even more important.

Looking ahead, Sarah says her two young daughters, ages seven and eight, are themselves eyeing McDonald’s as a place they’d like to work one day.

“They love it and they know that their Mom loves it as well.”

McDonald’s in Sarnia-Lambton may be the beginning of a career for you or someone you know. If you think there might be a fit, we invite you to reach out by stopping by any of the locations: Exmouth Street (at Lambton Mall Road), Christina Street (north of London Rd.), London Road (east of Murphy Road south of Pontiac Drive), or the¬†Walmart location.

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