Finding solutions where only problems exist

Local 'inventor' continues making positive waves with some 18 companies (and counting), including a see-through boat

Brian Maxfield, a recent guest on Spotlight, poses with just one of his creations—a see-through "Crystal Kayak."

For Brian Maxfield, a self-described “Forest boy,” the joys of life are at least in part made possible through a habit of his: looking for problems that have not yet been solved—then finding ways to correct those problems.

One of his first was a beer tap handle that continues to make money for bars and the companies that supply them with suds.

But Maxfield’s story goes much further and one of the things he’s doing is helping students at Lambton College prepare for a future of creating value in the business world.

In our recent conversation, we discovered a whole lot more about what makes him tick and how—even with 18 companies as part of his network—he’s likely not anywhere close to being finished.

Hope you enjoy!

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