Firearms found, local man faces battery of charges

Firearms found at 900-block Maxwell Street in Sarnia, Ontario, Apr. 17
Firearms found at 900-block Maxwell Street in Sarnia, Ontario, Apr. 17
Firearms found at 900-block Maxwell Street in Sarnia, Ontario, Apr. 17

The concern of loved ones about a family member’s well-being led local police yesterday to an allegedly intoxicated Sarnia man sleeping unconscious beside his loaded shot gun and ammunition.

Sarnia Police reportedly responded to a residence in the 900-block of Maxwell Street just before 8 p.m. on Apr. 17 to check on the welfare of a 50-year-old Sarnia man after family called police, concerned for his well-being.

Police arrived at the residence and after getting no response at the door, found it to be unlocked. They entered the premise, announcing themselves numerous times. Lights were on inside, police say, but no one was answering. Officers eventually found the man sleeping in the bedroom.

The man was apparently lying beside a shot gun, that police wasted no time removing, with shells near the weapon. Police added there was a gun bag on the right side of the bed and evidence of alcohol in the room.

The man awoke and he allegedly became belligerent and verbally abusive toward the officers. The removed shot gun was found to be loaded with one round in the chamber and two in the magazine. Police said there was another shell in the bed with the man.

The man continued arguing with police.

Officers advised him that he was being arrested for unsafe storage and unauthorized possession of a firearm, after information was received that he did not have any license to possess or any firearms registered to him. The man allegedly continued being belligerent.

Police said he also made a threatening comment to one of the officers and was then advised of an additional charge of Utter Threats to Cause Death.

The man apparently became violent and began struggling with the officers at which point he was promptly handcuffed but continued arguing and refusing to walk. Police say he had to be carried out to the cruiser.

The man is also being charged with Resisting Arrest and after looking in the residence for safety concerns, a .22 caliber handgun was also found. Two more charges were added.

Due to his intoxicated condition and the comments he made to family, the man was eventually taken to hospital for assessment and is now facing a total of six Criminal Code offences.

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