For Marty Raaymakers, ‘easing into retirement’ may be an overstatement

Now former owner of MIG Engineering, he's still active in numerous projects, including redevelopment of Sarnia General Hospital property

It’s been a half year now since Marty Raaymakers sold MIG Engineering (now owned by Devin Johnson) but that doesn’t mean he’s without things to do.

Indeed, as one of the “five” entrepreneurs behind GFive, Inc., the development team that’s busy transforming the former Sarnia General Hospital site, Raaymakers brings his particular gifts to the endeavour.

He’s also famously (at least locally) a collector of vintage automobiles and we met for this conversation in “Marty’s Carbar” located somewhere in the vicinity of downtown Sarnia (security can sometimes be an issue, hence the “discretion” around the specifics).

And Marty is someone who is nothing if not low-key in conversation (at least with me).

Still, it was an enjoyable conversation and one I hope you enjoy and share with your network!

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