Four arrested, three wanted in Lambton Mall gift card fraud

Police have laid 90 charges so far

Sarnia Police say they have charged four people and are looking for three remaining suspects in a case involving the fraudulent issue of Lambton Mall gift cards that occurred last November.

Some 22 cards with a value of more over $16,000 were purchased online using stolen and compromised credit cards originating from Qatar, Spain, the U.S. and Canada.

Police say the accused were caught on video surveillance as they picked up the pre-paid gift cards at Lambton Mall.

At one point, Lambton Mall had been forced to shut down all on-line gift card purchases and that service remains suspended.

Four people have been arrested and police are seeking warrants for three remaining suspects.

Those charged include a 27-year-old Sarnia woman, a 21-year-old Strathroy man, a 26-year-old Parkhill woman and a 37-year-old Sombra woman.

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