Free online assessment available to promote healthy eating for kids

When it comes to improving your children’s eating and activity habits, a little bit of “screen time” may be a good thing.

So says Connie Mallette, a registered dietitian with the County of Lambton’s Public Health department, in introducing Nutri-eSTEP, an online nutrition screening tool for parents of toddlers (18-35 months) and pre-schoolers (3-5 years).

The tool includes a short questionnaire that asks about a child’s typical food choices, eating behaviours, physical activity and growth patterns.

Once parents have completed the questionnaire, they will receive:

A personalized assessment on how well their child is doing

What areas need improvement

Tips and resources to help make changes

“Children’s food choices directly affect a child’s health, growth and development, and school performance,” says Mallette. “Eating habits and patterns are set at an early age and young children are vulnerable to poor nutrition. Nutri-eSTEP is a fast, simple way to find out about your child’s eating and activity habits.”

The link to the website is HERE.

For more information (or to talk with an EatRight Ontario registered dietitian), call 877-510-5102.

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