German student enjoying her time in Canada

Gina Knieschke came with desire to learn a new language and broaden her world perspective

Gina Knieschke is an international exchange student from Germany who is attending Northern Collegiate.

Northern Collegiate has been privileged to have another exchange student, Gina Knieschke, participate in classes and extra-curricular activities. Gina comes all the way from Hamburg in Germany, a large Western-European country to experience what life is like in Canada for 11 months. She came because she has wanted to learn a new language and lifestyle to introduce herself to a new perspective of the world.

Gina had taken a variety of classes during her stay at Northern, working on the yearbook, fitness, math, French, and of course English. She finds Canadian education to be “really easy and more fun than in Germany,” therefore making her stay more enjoyable. She had joined the school rugby team and found it a fun activity and a great way to make more friends.

Along with her host family, Gina was able to take a trip to Toronto, which she found to be “the greatest experience” as well as a short travel to Chicago for her March Break.

Although Gina misses her family and friends back home in Germany and the feeling of being at home, she would not trade this experience. With less than 50 days left in Canada, Gina says she will treasure each and every day until she returns home to Hamburg.

About Germany:

Germany is located in Western-Central Europe, bordering Austria, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, and Poland. Germany has a population of 81.5 million people, the largest population in the European Union apart from Russia. The official capital city is Berlin and the official language is German. The German flag is a tricolour banded flag: Black symbolizing determination, Red for hardiness, strength, bravery, and valour, and Yellow meaning a sense of generosity. Germany can also be known as the inventors of computers, automobiles, the clarinet, and X-ray technology to name a few.

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