Getting help with ‘marijuana in the workplace’ legislation

Local business organization is organizing seminar early in 2018

Subject matter expert Anthony Folan of Integral HR Solutions is presenting a “Marijuana in the Workplace” half-day seminar that will provide employers with “must know” information on the subject.

The event, which is scheduled for January 18, 2018, from 8 a.m. to noon, will take place at the Hampton Inn in Sarnia/Point Edward. The sponsor is the Sarnia Lambton Industrial Alliance. The cost is $40 (plus HST) per person with the fee including a hot buffet breakfast.

Attendees will learn:

—Employers rights and responsibilities around “Marijuana in the Workplace”
—Fitness for Duty—Police recommendations
—How to determine whether your organization is ready for Bill 148, including an Employment Standards Update
—Proven performance management strategies
—Bulletproof terminations
—Creating an effective workplace cell phone policy.

To register for this “limited space” event, click HERE.

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