Ghosts of Sarnia – Believe or Not Believe?

Sarnia's Imperial Theatre is one of several local places purported to be haunted, according to "Ghosts of Sarnia" by producer Tony Frangis.

This past week “Ghosts of Sarnia,” a documentary   originally released in 2007, was featured again at the Sarnia Public Library Theatre.

Independent filmmaker Tony Frangis and some local friends were intrigued by several spooky stories they had heard and decided to investigate the paranormal claims.

I had heard different opinions about the independent film and decided to attend the screening myself so I could make my own educated opinion. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous going to the movie by myself. Monsters and Goblins and such never really bothered me but something about ghosts has just always sent a chill up my spine.

Perhaps it is the unknown of the paranormal or the uncontrollable situation of the room. Then again, maybe I am just a plain old scaredy cat. Regardless of the reason, I was determined to discover for myself wether it was real or a spoof.

As the theatre began to fill there was a somewhat quiet nervousness in the room. Some were there for the thrill and others seemed to be there out of curiosity. Before the movie started there were clips of classic scary movies playing, which brought back a few memories for me as a young boy on a Saturday morning remembering Sir Graves Ghastly.

The movie documentary is based on the stories and claims of ghosts existing in Sarnia, more specifically, The Lawrence House, S.C.I.T.S. Auditorium and The Imperial Theatre.

Tony Frangis introduced himself before the movie began and made sure to point out that everything in the movie was real. No trick photography, images or sound tactics were used in the making of the film.

Starting off at S.C.I.T.S. Auditorium with the claims of appearances and noises in the costume department and nothing turning up there until the ghost hunters made their way into the basement or tunnels below the stage of the Auditorium. It was then that things started to become creepy.

Personally I would be creeped out just being down there in the dark with nothing more than avflashlight. I am always relieved at this kind of movie when a bright spot in the movie comes on after so much darkness.

Next it was on to the Lawrence House where many have claimed to hear footsteps and chairs scuffling around. Most excitingly and common story is that the elevator in the Lawrence House often will operate itself with the door sliding open on its own.

The big finish was at the Imperial Theatre. Many claims of screams and feet scuffling and ghostly images have been reported on a regular basis and to this very day the paranormal activity seems to continue.

To Believe or Not To Believe?

At this point I am still unsure as to how I feel. What I do know is this: the documentary pointed out and showed many points that seemed to be a strong argument that paranormal activity actually exists in these locations. Perhaps the noises were just noises and because the word “GHOSTS” is suggested we begin to think that it may all be true.

The mind can easily be fooled and often is. I also remember Bill Bixby being very convincing when he hosted “The ELVIS Files” claiming to the world that ELVIS was still alive. I also believe that if we think we are the only ones here or that there are not other forces in the universe, then we are quite silly to think so.

After the movie screening, everyone was invited to event sponsor Brownstones for food and costumes as well as an opportunity to speak with Tony Frangis.

I do know for sure that “Ghosts of Sarnia” was entertaining and left me wondering in my mind if what I had witnessed was possible. It also had me thinking for the rest of the night about what the answers and possibilities could be. I had a somewhat uneasy feeling up to the point of going to bed. I slept with the hallway light on.

If you’ve got questions of your own, “Ghosts of Sarnia” is worth the watch. The film is available for purchase at Cheeky Monkey in downtown Sarnia 130 Christina N. 519-332-0978. You can also get more information about the movie at

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