With Granfondo in the mirror, organizers already looking to 2017

Two major charities receive total of $30k, thanks to 'overwhelming support'

Pictured with symbolic cheques from the Bluewater International Granfondo, which took place July 31, are, from left, John Palumbo board member of both the Bluewater Health Foundation and St. Joseph's Hospice, Kathy Alexander, executive director of the Bluewater Health Foundation, Ken MacAlpine of the Bluewater International Granfondo, and Larry Lafranier. executive director of St. Joseph's Hospice.

This year’s inaugural Bluewater International Granfondo, a major biking event that took place July 31, has enriched more than the 520 cyclists who participated, says organizer Ken MacAlpine.

The group, which had cut off registrations at 500 (allowing a few “stragglers” in at the last minute), expects next year’s August 6, 2017 event to have about 50% more participants.

In the meantime, representatives of the Bluewater Health Foundation and the St. Joseph’s Hospice received $15,000 each, a total of $30,000, from the cycling event organizers.

Major sponsor of the event was NGL Supply Co. Ltd., which donated $20,000 to get things rolling.

About 200 of the participants at this year’s event were from outside Lambton County, which speaks to the potential of the Granfondo from a tourism standpoint.

The Bluewater International Granfondo is already accepting registrations for next year’s event on its website: www.bigF.ca.

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