Great Lakes community now looking ahead to establishing colours and mascot

Process will include community stakeholders, including students, says principal

Paul Wiersma is principal of the new Great Lakes Secondary School in Sarnia.

Now that the former SCITS and St. Clair Secondary School entities have officially merged into the Great Lakes Secondary School, principal Paul Wiersma says the entire community, including various stakeholder groups, are beginning to take steps to establish a new identity, including the choosing of colours and a mascot.

A three-week campaign that began September 19 will see an Identity Committee, with representation from students, staff, parents and community begin that process.

The group first met on Monday, September 12. From that meeting came a process that includes gathering stakeholder input, with suggestions on a name to be submitted through the school’s website.

Students and staff will have opportunities within the school to submit suggestions at events that Student Council will be running, said Wiersma.

An introductory statement on the importance of a mascot and colours states:

“The mascot and colours of a school are a visual representation of its identity. Long after they graduate, students will remember this identity and the sense that they were a part of something bigger than themselves. The Great Lakes Secondary School Identity Committee invite you to submit your ideas for our school mascot and/or colours. You may submit a suggestion for one or both, and there is no limit to the number of suggestions you may submit. If you wish, you may include the rationale behind your choice. This is not a vote, so there is no need to submit your choice more than once. We thank you for your input into this important process.”

Teachers April Brander and Paul Frayne are chairing the Identity Committee, which is a subcommittee of the Transition Committee.

That group was formedĀ in the late spring after the trustees voted to consolidate Sarnia Collegiate Institute and Technical School and St. Clair Secondary School. The Identity Committee is tasked with the responsibility to select school colours, mascot, logo, crest, motto, and possibly a school song.

“Now that we have a name in Great Lakes Secondary School, we can move on to create an identity that will serve us well for the years to come,” said Wiersma.

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