How growing up in an entrepreneurial family lead to a modern dental career

Dr. Michael Rondinelli, just a few years into his career, has brought a 'group' practice option to Lambton area residents

It was at last year’s Outstanding Business Achievement Awards gala where Dr. Michael Rondinelli was named Entrepreneur of the Year for his initiative (and success) in helping to transform the way traditional dental services are provided in the area.

We sat down just a few days ago to talk about this young man’s background—he grew up in Sarnia, went to school here and ended up in dental school.

His reasons for choosing this career might surprise you. Hint: it wasn’t necessarily about the financial rewards that the dental profession is known for generating.

What I found interesting was that the group model, where dentists work as a team and where supplies, which by necessity are typically bought in small amounts due to their short shelf-life, can be purchased in bulk, has patients benefiting from the savings, not just the dentists.

I found Dr. Mike’s story to be a fascinating one, and certainly proof that youngsters who grow up in the area have a future here should they choose to return after attending school.

It didn’t hurt that he told me he’s listened to most of the episodes of Spotlight on his various road trips.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and share with your network.

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