‘Hang on, it’s going to be a rough couple of years’


Now that the turkey has settled and another sunny Brigden Fair has helped thousands enjoy the benefits of global warming even more, my blood pressure has returned to low enough levels that I can comment on last week’s election without inducing a heart attack.

Sarnia Lambton gets it. Why doesn’t the rest of Ontario?

We rewarded the Liberals with a 3rd place finish. They deserved it. The Liberals should have been booted out.

They have spent us into oblivion, arrogantly told us—no dared us—to voice our opposition to HST at the ballot box, and have no qualms about lying to us.

And if that’s not enough, McGuinty’s Liberals have raised Ontario’s debt by $100 billion. That’s billion with a “b” folks.

How in blazes did the rest of Ontario reward the Liberals with another government?

Well, actually, looking at a map of Ontario after the election, you’ll notice the rest of Ontario didn’t vote Liberal. In fact central and southern Ontario are pretty much Tory blue, and the north of Ontario is almost totally orange. At first glance it looks like the Liberals were overwhelmingly rejected. But then you zoom in and notice a red spot marked Toronto.

Yes, the election of 2011 proves once again you don’t have to win Ontario if you want to be Premier; you simply have to win Toronto. And to be fair, McGuinty did win seats outside of Toronto, but he would not be Premier today without Toronto’s votes.

This does nothing to ameliorate the feelings of many in the rest of Ontario. You know the feelings; of not mattering, and of living in a province controlled by one city with little or no regard for the rest of the (massive) province. Those feelings.

It boggles the mind.

He should have been punished. He should have been sent packing as an example to other politicians: We don’t care what party you are from, if you run up massive deficits, ruin the economy and blatantly lie to us, you’re out.

And don’t get me wrong, it’s not like any of the other parties were interested in talking about the real issue either. Our economy is a car about to drive off a cliff at a hundred miles an hour and not one of the other parties wanted to talk about.

Tim Hudak and the PCs were the most disappointing. The party that should have been conservative, should have been preaching fiscal restraint, was silent. At least if they had stayed true to their principles and lost, that would be one thing. But instead, at the last minute it appears, they decided to run as liberals in an attempt to win votes. Anyone who had anything to do with that decision should be fired.

But what about those who say we’re in a global recession and Ontario’s poor economy isn’t Dalton McGuinty’s fault? In fact the Globe and Mail love McGuinty so much they actually said he “has managed through the past recession rather well.”

(That’s not a prank or a typo. Click here to read the article: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/opinions/editorials/dalton-mcguintys-liberals-the-best-choice-for-ontarios-challenges/article2188213/ )

Rather well? 300,000 manufacturing jobs lost is rather well? Ontario becoming a have-not province is rather well?

Yes, times are tough, but McGuinty’s policies haven’t helped us get through it; they are making it worse.

Oh he sounds great when he is talking about job creation and Ontario being open for business. But really he has no clue. None. And make no mistake, not all, but a large portion of Ontario’s economic woes are his fault.

He can talk all he wants, but under McGuinty, regulations and government intrusion have soared. Here’s just a one example of the McGuinty Liberal’s wonderful low-regulation climate they have created in Ontario:

My wife recently went to St. Joseph’s school parent council meeting where it was explained that milk is not yet for sale. Why? Well, as previously discussed in this column, the Liberal government introduced a wonderful new healthy food program in Ontario’s school. All food coming into the school from suppliers must now have certification from the Health Unit (or whatever they call themselves these days) confirming that it is indeed healthy. That includes milk. Milk!

Can you imagine? What the Liberals are saying, loud and clear, is that school principals are too stupid to know what’s healthy, and of course so are parents. Now we need to have the “experts” at the Health Unit tell us if our milk is healthy.

Where do you want me to start? The excess regulations? The cost of having the Health Unit do the principal’s and parent’s job? The loss of parental responsibility? The annoyance to yet another business of having to deal with more government paperwork just to sell their product?

In a way, it’s breathtakingly genius. Normal people could never have invented something so complex and utterly useless. I suspect it took someone locked in an office in Toronto, who hasn’t worked in the private sector in years (if ever) to have dreamed this up.

Sadly, McGuinty runs his job programs much like that . . . overly regulated, too complex and just like the kids at St Joseph’s who still don’t have milk, Ontario still doesn’t have jobs. What a success story!

So where does all of this leave Sarnia-Lambton? It leaves us in a have-not province, controlled by a city completely disconnected to the rest of Ontario, governed by an arrogant leader who creates red tape so annoying some kids can’t even get milk at school, all the while the economy sinks out of sight.

Sounds a lot like the position we were in before the election. Hang on; it’s going to be a rough couple of years ahead.

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  • Bert Stakenborg

    What we have today is political mediocrity and voter phlegmatism. Change either one and we’d see a more vibrant, progressive province in which we could all take pride and hope. A disconnected, self-serving and some would say arrogant leadership is to blame… an apathetic but informed and disbelieving electorate the cause.