Harmony for Youth hopes to ‘take you out of your comfort zone’

It's the 18th year the charity is hosting its Haunted House

Harmony for Youth, a well-known organization that has a long history of helping local children discover the power of music as they grow up, is in its 18th year of hosting a “Haunted House” on Friday and Saturday nights from now until Halloween.

The event takes place at 160 Christina St., between Theatre Sarnia and the Gastro Pub, between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Admission is $7 per person.

Regulars to the fundraising event will be familiar with the objective, which is, according to Paul Kearney, to “take you out of your comfort zone. Many think we do just that.”

Kearney says the aim is “to scare the high school jock who is ‘too cool’ to be scared.”

Even then, there is a “safe” word: It’s “Harmony.”

The Haunted House is an “all ages” show, depending on the tenderness of the individual, says Kearney.

“We are not a gore house or splatter house and we do our very best to never touch you,” he said.

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