Helping seniors ‘age gracefully’ is a mission that Bill Yurchuk takes seriously

As president of Lambton Elderly Outreach, making a difference is something that comes naturally

When Bill Yurchuk made his first major career change, it was from being a police officer in London, Ontario, to a role as a financial services professional, not exactly something that might come to mind for the average person.

But for the “people person” Yurchuk admits is his predisposition, it made a great deal of sense.

Some years later, Yurchuk decided to take on a different role, serving as head of the local Canadian Cancer Society.

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Not long afterward, however, an organizational reorganization left him at a crossroads.

As he explains to Lambton Shield editor J.D. Booth, Yurchuk eventually discovered a home at Lambton Elderly Outreach, a community-based organization that is making a real difference to seniors who need more than a little help when it comes to one of life’s more challenging transitions.

And let’s face it: given the natural progression of life, most of us will be experiencing that transition. From that perspective, having an organization like LEO, with people like Bill Yurchuk, is an encouraging thought.

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