High divers

Summer thrill seekers take the plunge under the Blue Water Bridge

Brian Corner, Logan Burdett, Jaymee Burnett, Dakota Moore, Kurtis Hill and Nicole Emery prepare a synchronised dive.

In the searing summer heat of Bridge Bash weekend in Point Edward, (not forgetting the Firefit competition too) is there a better way to get out of the unrelenting sun than to take the daring plunge into the cooling waters of St. Clair River from the small promontory under the Blue Water Bridge?

Four teens take the plunge into the St. Clair.

Some older heads would say yes, citing the sad history of tragedies that have befallen those risking the deep dive into St. Clair’s eddying currents and jagged rocky river bottom.

Many others like those that were leaping Saturday were happy to take on that risk for the intense thrills and camaraderie of it all.

One group of teens I spoke to were clearly having a wonderful time, hanging out, goofing around and generally enjoying the highs of a summer free from textbooks and responsibilities.

For Logan Burdett, an experienced diver at this location (photographed diving two years ago at the exact same spot), it’s about being with friends, practising acrobatic dives and being able to dive from somewhere taller than diving boards elsewhere in town.

For Jaymee Burnett, its about the swimming, the friends and simply put, “It’s awesome!”

By Edward John Allen
And back again for the next leap.

They felt that so long as you weren’t “stupid” you were pretty safe.

But as someone with no head for heights or the courage to dive off anything higher than a foot stool, my definition of this is likely very different from the one these confident young spirits are using.

Pictures feature: Brian Corner, Logan Burdett, Jaymee Burnett, Dakota Moore, Kurtis Hill, Nicole Emery.

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