Historic ‘Chipican’ sign has a new home

Connection with Marty Raaymakers results in removal ahead of Lake Point Grillhouse & Lounge getting set to open

An iconic sign that has been in front of the Chipican Restaurant near the corner of Michigan Ave. and Christina St. has a new home.

Over the weekend, the removal process took place under the guidance of Marty Raaymakers of MIG Engineering, putting one more piece together in what will ultimately see the owners of Lake Point Grillhouse & Lounge launch their new business this year.

Raaymakers, who is a well-known collector, not only of various vintage automobiles but also signs, said he’d been eyeing the sign for quite some time, thinking someone would come by and grab it.

That never happened and it wasn’t until Raaymakers called the phone number on the sign—advertising the impending opening as “Spring 2018″—that he connected with Dean and Laurie Frayne.

“We’ve developed a very good relationship,” said Raaymakers, who has been able to offer professional advice regarding the building.

As for the ultimate destination of the sign, Raaymakers says he hasn’t quite worked out all the details. That said, since pictures of the sign coming down were posted on Facebook, he has had calls from far and wide, including one from Robbie Wolfe, brother of American Pickers star Mike Wolfe.

“It’s definitely a sign that is truly historic for a lot of reasons,” said Raaymakers.

About a month ago, Lambton Shield ran a full story on the Lake Point Grillhouse & Lounge business. It can be seen HERE.

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