How Apple’s Steve Jobs (1955-2011) helps make ‘local’

By J.D. Booth

With the death this week of Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs, I began to think (after a few moments of introspection of course) how I might stick to our "local only" focus and still somehow acknowledge this great technology leader's passing.

Then I began to think about how the very idea of creating a local news website (which we did with has been made immeasurably more efficient (it's still hard work) because of the technology we use.

The iPhone 4, for example, shoots HD video, which we upload to our own YouTube channel, embedding (thanks to code provided by our friends at Sarnia's StoryBoard Solutions).

And while we do have some of our contributors using Windows-based systems, the Mac and its simplicity (a testament to Steve Jobs' single-minded insistence of the same) just makes it easier to do so much more.

So thank you, Steve Jobs. And Apple? Keep it going, will you? We'll try to at least not get too far behind.

Here's a video (never aired) narrated by Steve Jobs right around the time Apple's "Think Different" campaign debuted.

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