Ice-laden trees near Blue Water Bridge gain a following

Photos by Doug McLean and Laura Lynn McLean are widely shared on social media

Photo by Doug McLean (used with permission).
Doug McLean.

Who would have thought an ice storm in early January would have generated this kind of response?

A storm last Friday night (January 13, 2018) generated the kind of spray that would instantly freeze as it hit trees lined along the shore of the St. Clair River just north of the Blue Water Bridge.

And Doug McLean was there to capture the magic, even for the few hours that the ice lingered.

Photo by Laura Lynn McLean (used with permission).

Doug’s wife, Laura Lynn McLean, who is a photographer, joined in the “project” and those on social media began to take notice, quickly seeing the images go viral.

Doug, who operates a computer services business (McLean & McLean) said he was “still pretty excited to see my picture on the cover” of a local newspaper.

“(It’s) a pretty big deal and honour,” Doug wrote on Facebook. “All this admiration over a picture I took has been a bit overwhelming, but a big thrill at the same time.”

We connected with Laura, who graciously gave permission for Lambton Shield to reproduce these images.

Doug called his favourite picture “Lost Souls (from the Lake),” with reference to an “angel above protecting them all.”

Poetic to be sure.

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