Inn of the Good Shepherd CEO shows how a caring soul can lead a team in service

Myles Vanni spent early career in Scouting movement before taking the reins of Sarnia-Lambton charity

Myles Vanni, who joined the Inn of the Good Shepherd as its executive director in 2005, looks to his early years in the Scouting movement as being pivotal to his first career after university, which was working for the Scouts.

He spent some 19 years had a previous career in the Scouting movement before some restructuring lead him to look to write the next chapter of his life.

As Vanni tells J.D. Booth of Lambton Shield, someone connected with Scouting mentioned that the Inn of the Good Shepherd was looking for a leader and the rest is history.

Today, he runs the entire organization, with a strong board and amazing team of employees and volunteers, all of whom share his passion for doing good in the community.

While Vanni is tireless in his work for the Inn, he points out that the support from the entire community throughout the year is part of what makes his role both fulfilling and a source of encouragement.

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