Inn of the Good Shepherd highlights volunteer roles

Opportunities abound to contribute to those who need it the most

Every month, over 450 volunteers find a place in their schedule and a place in their heart to volunteer at the Inn of the Good Shepherd. Whether it’s preparing a meal, helping to package or sort food, guiding clients or helping at a fundraiser – it’s a chance to outreach to the community and touch lives.

If you have a bit of time available and would like to volunteer, consider these opportunities:

Food Bank Guides –  Guides work one morning a week from 9:15 – noon; assisting clients in making food choices and recording “points” spent as they select food.

Sewing skills needed – there are a number of donated winter coats that need minor repairs and zippers replaced.  A few minutes of sewing can help keep someone warm this winter.

Volunteer Roles

Are you interested in helping others in our community?  At the Inn you can find rewarding volunteer roles suited for the time you have to give.  Currently, the organization is looking for:

  • Fundraising and Special Event Volunteers! (if you are creative and a hard worker you will fit in here! )
  • Soup Kitchen Teams ( come together with your church, team or family, create and serve a meal to those in need in our community!)
  • Food bankRegistrars (this individuals greets clients and prepares their paperwork for using the food bank).
  • Food bankGuides (this individual works with the client in selecting foods)
  • Food sorter (this individual sorts food donations and repackages them for distribution)
  • Community drivers (this individual picks up food and other donations for The Inn)
  • Genesis (this individual helps to sort clothing and other household donations as well as assist in the operations of the program)

If you or your group are interested in any of these roles please contact Lynn (ext. 310) at The Inn between 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday – Friday.

Click here to complete an online form to contact us about becoming a volunteer or download the form here!

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