International Symphony ‘dazzled’ on Imperial Theatre stage

On Sunday May 1, the International Symphony returned to the stage at Imperial Theatre for its last performance of the season entitled  “Be Dazzled.” The orchestra’s final piece is entitled “Portraits,” for its powerful music of dynamic dimensions.

With musical masterpieces by Mozart, Mussorgsky, Smetena, Somers, and Strauss R., the audience was able to picture the “poignant images” as they listen to music that touches the soul. Conductor Douglas A. Bianchi, took the stage again, leading the orchestra through their performance.

Mussogorsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition” was a contribution to his dear friend Victor Hartmann, an artist and an architect. He had viewed Hartmann’s drawings and was inspired to represent them as musical images.

Guest Soloist, Colin Bianchi, also made an appearance for Richard Strauss’ Concerto for Horn, No. 1 in Eb. This particular piece was written in 1885, when Strauss was only 19 years old. Colin had been studying the French Horn since 2007, starting with Denis Tryon. He had gone to the University of Michigan and participated in many of the school’s music programs. In 2013, he began his graduate studies with Gail Williams, after receiving a scholarship from Northwestern University. Currently he now lives in Chicago, busy with auditions for professional orchestras throughout the country.

With this last performance of the 2015/2016 season of “Be Dazzled”, the audience is left craving for more beautifully tuned music.

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