Ahhh Christmas;  time for fun, time for cheer, time for…. guts?

Yes, time to for guts.  As in its time we got some backbone about saying “Merry Christmas”.

Normally above the whining and hand wringing that occurs about petty issues of the day, I found myself suddenly drawn into this quandary with both guns blazing.

It was a particularly obnoxious card that did it.  One that couldn’t even call itself a Christmas card, but instead a “holiday card”.   The rest of the card, inside and out, went on to bend over backwards to describe the merriment of the season using every word imaginable except the word “Christmas”.

The extreme amount of political correctness caused an uneasy feeling to slowly cover my body, like a creepy layer of slime.  You know that kind of glossed-over, vague reference you recognize when reading a thank you card from someone who doesn’t remember what you got them.  “Thank you for the thoughtful gift, we will certainly enjoy it”.   That kind of thing.  But this time it was about Christmas!

A quick survey of a few other Christmas cards on my mantle revealed a similar trend.  Interestingly, the first three were all from institutions, and none of them had the spine to say “Merry Christmas”.

Canadians are started to get tired of the cowards in this country who won’t say or display “Merry Christmas”.  Whether its school buses in Kingston that are banned from having Christmas decorations, or Service Canada offices in Quebec, or new  names like “Holiday Tree” and “Holiday Cards”; it’s high time we take a stand.

If you can’t stand up for Christmas, what can you stand up for?

And no offence, but in case anyone hasn’t noticed, it’s not like the commercialization of Christmas hasn’t already driven out nearly ever reference to Jesus anyway.  There is no way on God’s green earth (oops, there I go!)  …. on plain green earth that you could accuse today’s Christmas decorations as pushing religion on someone.  Heck you’d be hard pressed to find any religious message in Christmas decorations these days!  (Which is a real problem, btw) 

But even if Christians were pushing Jesus at this time of year, so what?

According to the 2001 census (the last year data is available on religion) a total of 72% of Canadians identified themselves as Christian.   There was no data to show how many celebrated Christmas regardless of religion, but that number has to somewhere north of 90%.

So who exactly are corporations, institutions, bus companies and politically correct card senders afraid of offending exactly?  It obviously isn’t the 72% of us who are Christian.

Don’t we matter?

Apparently not.   Well it’s time to fix that.

And don’t misunderstand me.  I’m not saying you can’t celebrate other holidays.  Of course you can.  But this nonsense of not saying any holiday name for fear of offending anyone, has to end.   And no offence, but if we aren’t going to mention a holiday by name, it certainly shouldn’t be the holiday celebrated by over 90% of the country.

If you want to say Happy Holidays, no problem go ahead.  That’s not the problem.  The problem is when you (or businesses/institutions/bus companies, etc.) feel like they aren’t allowed to say “Merry Christmas” for fear of offending someone.

Go ahead and send me a Happy Hanukah or Merry Kwanza card.  I won’t be offended.  In fact I’ll be glad you took a stand and let me know which holiday it is your celebrating.

In the meantime, I’ll be saying Merry Christmas and sending cards with enough spine to do the same.


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  • Question is whether you would also lobby for the equal public voice of other holidays too on a national scale.

    Will you say “it’s only fair that when Hannukah comes along, we should be bombarded with Hannukah carols everytime we turn on the tv, go to the mall, or listen to the radio, etc.” ?

    What about Rosh Hashanah, or Ramadan? Will you use your voice to lobby that schools should also close on those days so that equality is given to all Canadians? That everywhere you look, we should also see sales pertaining to any certain holiday shoved in our faces whether we like it or not?

    I don’t celebrate Christmas because neither am I a believing materialist, or a pagan. As a former practising Christian who actually studied the Bible for years, I actually take offense when someone ties Jesus Christ to Christmas, because, lets be honest, Christmas and December 25th has nothing to do with Jesus.

    The farther you keep it away from the true followers of Biblical Christ the happier we are. You have the right to dress your houses with Christmas trees, lights, stockings, etc. and everything else that doesn’t have anything to do with Jesus. It’s when people actually put Jesus in front of it that I take offense. It’s an insult to my belief because it degrades what Jesus stood for. And Christmas is everything that Jesus and his disciples did not stand and die for.

    I find that people that make arguments like yours about Christmas are always selective to the holidays they wish to see practised on the national scale. Just because a whole bunch of Canadians like an old Roman Pagan holiday to be practised today as a continuing tradition doesn’t mean it gives you the right to shove it in the face of everyone else who doesn’t care for it. I’d say your aggression shows that the other faiths who are content with not boasting about their holidays are more better Canadians than you when it comes to respect.

    No one is stopping you from celebrating whatever holidays, divine or man-made, you’d like to practise, but please keep it in your private life; it doesn’t have to be forced into everyone’s public life for you to feel better about it. If it only gratifies you about celebrating Christmas when everyone is singing your Christmas carols and celebrating Christmas, then I guess it just shows your real agenda.

    We don’t need more things or debt in our pocket. We don’t need to sing Christmas carols. They have no meaning to us. We are happy singing anytime of the year when we feel to do so. We don’t just need to get into the “holiday spirit”; some people treat others good all year long. So we don’t need to be bombarded by Christmas every where we go.

    Good day, and I wish you peace and love.
    Take care.
    – E.

  • Leah Nielsen

    It’s about time someone wrote this article. Like Matt, I love getting CHRISTMAS cards or HANUKKAH cards of KWANZA cards. I celebrate other religions. I am a Christian. I am not offended by someone expressing their religious beliefs in whatever phrase they use “Happy Hanukkah” is fine. So is MERRY CHRISTMAS for that is the holiday we are celebrating. I have a Jewish friend who celebrates both holidays. Does that make her any less Jewish? No. I am tired of everyone bending over backwards to be politically correct. If I say Merry Christmas to someone I expect a response – whatever they are comfortable with. If it’s Happy Holidays, that is just fine, but let me say Merry Christmas!

  • I couldn’t agree more Matt! Merry Christmas to everyone!
    A Christmas Carol

  • If you are really a “Christian” then you wouldn’t celebrate Christmas because it is an insult to Jesus to honour his life on a pagan holiday. Jesus’ mission was not a pagan one. December 25th has nothing to do with Jesus. None of the disciples celebrated Christmas and they were better Christians than you know because they emulated and walked as he walked. They knew him and saw him. So don’t say you know what a “Christian” holiday is when even the best Christians didn’t celebrate it. If Christmas was important for the followers of Christ, it would have been mentioned in the Bible. Get over it. It’s not there because it’s a pagan holiday. Nothing about Christmas has anything to do with Jesus. Can you mention even one thing about Christmas that has to do with Jesus? Please go ahead and try.

    In order for anyone to say Christmas is a Christian celebration they have to prove its basis from Christian scripture. You can’t so it’s not a real Christian tradition.

    It’s made up. You honour Jesus on a date that Pagans in Babylonia use to honour human sacrifices and have mass orgies as a celebration. December 25th is for pagans not for Christians. Stick to what the Bible says and don’t add to God’s words. You’re not Him.