Jane Anema of Sarnia Community Foundation brings wisdom, experience and passion to the role

One of the area's most energetic (and interesting) individuals talks about how individuals can leave a legacy

Jane Anema is one busy member of our community. A big part of that is her role as executive director of the Sarnia Community Foundation, an organization that is setting new standards for grassroots philanthropy as part of a network of similar groups across Canada.

She arrived in Sarnia a dozen years ago, by way of North Bay and Winnipeg, the city where Canada’s first community foundation was set up.

Jane also organizes volunteers at the Sarnia Jail. And to top that off, she originally was an actor.

Her story is a fascinating one and we’re happy she was able to share her background, her experiences and her vision for the Sarnia Community Foundation with Lambton Shield editor J.D. Booth in this episode of Spotlight.

Enjoy and please share with your network.

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