John DeGroot busy carrying on family tradition . . . and lots more

From the eponymous nursery business to Awesome Foundation and work as a Rotarian, DeGroot keeps smiling and investing in community7

It’s not hard to get a smile out of John DeGroot. A seemingly perpetual optimist, he remains a hardworking professional (an architectural landscaper by education) who believes in growing more than stuff that’s planted in soil.

Indeed, John is part of a networkAs owner of a business with his family name on the sign, a growing venture that his father, a native of Holland, launched, John comes from a big family that quite literally grew up in the family business.

Today, while he’s become quite adept at building a capable staff to manage a good part of DeGroot’s, there’s no question about him being the driving force.

And while he hasn’t got an “exit strategy” in place (or at least not one that’s carved in stone), DeGroot appears to be energetic and, at least as importantly, enjoys what he’s doing.

In this conversation with Lambton Shield editor J.D. Booth, DeGroot talked about how DeGroot’s became one of Sarnia’s iconic places to shop for “all things green,” and how he’s investing into the community, through his relationship with Rotary and his involvement in the Awesome Foundation.

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