Judith Morris gets Lambton College top job, replacing retiring Tony Hanlon

When Judith Morris takes the keys to her new office as Lambton College President and CEO in January, it will be just a hard left from her current office as vice president of academic and student success, a position she's held since being recruited by Tony Hanlon, current president, in 2003.

There were 40 candidates for the coveted job at one of Ontario's premier community colleges, said Board chair John Girard. in the end, however, it was Morris who was not only a consensus choice for the school's top executive, but the board's unanimous choice.

Morris, Girard said, is the best possible candidate to continue leading Lambton College, particularly at a time when change made possible by the strong leadership performance of Hanlon and his executive team has positioned the college for even greater success.

One of those changes, Morris hopes, is the development of a health and sciences centre, a facility that's badly needed thanks to burgeoning enrollment and strong interest.

Morris' credentials as a leader and one who is connected, not only with the local community, but at political levels throughout the province, will serve her well, said Hanlon.

Enrollment at Lambton College has exploded, going from 2,100 when Morris joined shortly after Hanlon took the reins as president, to more than 3,500. Part-time enrollment also increased, from 2,500 to more than 6,500 students. Equally impressive growth was recorded in apprenticeship enrollment (80 to 600), international enrollment at off-shore campuses (900 to more than 3,500) and Sarnia campus international enrollment, up from 90 to 500).

Morris came to Lambton College from Sault College, the same school from which Hanlon was recruited to Sarnia.

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