Lambton College men’s basketball gets under way

The Lambton College men's basketball team took to the court Monday night (Sept.10) in the first annual green and white game. The game represented the end of college tryouts as 18 players split into two teams and took the opportunity to showcase theirskills.Eighteen players is hardly the regular number of a basketball team but the coaches aren't taking any chances. "We would like a lot of the freshmen to gain experience," said head coach James Grant when asked about the team. "We kept 18 at this point to see how certain individuals progress over the next few weeks. We are able to dress 14 players in league games, and if that means keeping 18 all year and not dressing four, then those 18 will have deserved to be around." The players were not fazed as they set out to defeat their fellow team mates. It was a tough fought game, but the white team managed to defeat green by a score 

of 77-74. Some of the top scorers for the white team were Shawn Hill, former pro from Poland, with 24 points and Michael Girling with 12. For the green team there was Mike Lucier with 21 points and Trav Tiggelaar with 19. "Tonight was a great night for our basketball program," said team captain Mike Lucier. "With rookies like Shawn Hill, Marcus Hamilton, Justin Zonneville and others at guard, a long with Andy Timmermans and Rob Hardick at forward, we are going to be an exciting team. We are already way ahead of where I expected us to be. I'm looking forward to the season." The official season begins with an exhibition game Friday, October 19.

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