Lambton College part of province-wide ad campaign

A new multi-media ad campaign launched today promotes an Ontario college education as the best path to many of the cutting-edge careers in the new knowledge economy.

“New technologies and innovations in the workplace have students and parents looking at higher education in a whole new way,” said Judith Morris, Vice President, Academic and Student Success. “Many students are discovering the exciting career opportunities available to graduates of the leading-edge programs at our college.”

The theme of the college sector’s new ads is “Higher Education for the New World.” The ads show students and parents reassessing the options available to students these days, supported by computer-animated graphics that promote careers in areas such as game development, biotechnology, and forensics.

The province-wide ad campaign begins this month and will continue in November. The campaign includes TV, radio, newspaper, transit shelter and online advertisements.

The $2-million campaign is part of a long-term effort by Ontario’s 24 colleges to get parents and students exploring the full range of postsecondary programs available in the province and choosing the education that is best for each student.

The advertising began in 2008 with ads about Obay, a fictional pill that used humour to get parents and teens to reconsider their biases about college. That was followed by It’s All About M.E., in 2009 and 2010, which encouraged parents and students to choose the postsecondary programs that best fit each student’s aptitudes and ambitions.

Attitudes about college education are changing. Growing numbers of students are pursuing a college education and increasing numbers of university graduates are pursuing college after university.

The new ads, created by kbs+p, build on the past campaigns and further promote the great career opportunities available to college graduates.

“We’re excited about this campaign,” said Dan Pawych, the executive creative director of kbs+p. “These ads will open parents’ and students’ eyes and get them thinking about college education in a whole new way.”

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