LCDS is celebrating 65th anniversary this year

Organization was first launched by group of pioneering parents dreaming of meaningful life for their children

Lambton County Developmental Services (LCDS), a non-profit service agency committed to providing quality supports for people with developmental disabilities and contributing to our communities throughout the area, is celebrating its 65th anniversary in 2020.

The agency, which is a member of the Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce, was founded in 1955 by a group of pioneering parents who dreamed of a meaningful life for their children beyond institutions.

This grassroots movement marked the establishment of the agency’s humble beginnings as the parents realized there was a gap in the education system with no structured learning environment for their children. The realization led to the opening of the first-ever school for people with developmental disabilities in Lambton County, which is located at the Lord Baden Powell House in Petrolia.

The rest is history.

LCDS strives to be a leader in the Developmental Service sector, providing the support that will enhance the growth of meaningful relationships, inclusive communities, and valued community roles for everyone. The Vision—Inclusive Communities-Innovative Leaders—is ultimately driven by the people and families it supports, who are at the heart of everything it does.

Their unique abilities, choices and dreams shape who the LCDS and how it provides services, one person at a time.

Our goal is to help each person to have a life that is truly meaningful to them and this helps us determine the types of programs we offer,” said Karen McClintock, who serves as Organizational/Community Relations Director. LCDS currently operates community participation, respite, educational, employment, supported volunteerism programs and many innovative residential options.

LCDS actively seeks ways to give back to the community with a focus on events and projects.  The organization continues to grow and provide innovative services even without increased government funding.

“Thankfully, through the success of our fundraising activities, responsible stewardship of funds, and advantageous partnerships, we have created much-needed services for people and their families.”

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