Learning how to shop healthy can be made easier with free store tours

healthy_foodMaking healthy food choices at the grocery store is as simple as knowing where to look, and how to read labels.

During March, which is Nutrition Month, members of the public are invited to a free "Food Smarts Supermarket Tour" with a registered dietitian from the County of Lambton Community Health Services Department.

The objective is to help shoppers understand how to read the "fine print" on nutrition labels and to find the most delicious, nourishing foods at the grocery store.

"Surveys show only half (52%) of Canadians always, or very often, read the nutrition label on food before purchasing, probably because the labels are confusing," says Connie Mallette, registered dietitian with Community Health Services. "Maybe that's why grocery carts are not always filled with the best choices despite a wide selection of healthy products."

A recent study, which looked inside Canadian kitchens, found high amounts of sugar sweetened beverages, packaged, processed convenience foods and deli meats. Food diaries in the same study also showed a lower intake of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, legumes and milk products.

According to a 2012 Dietitians of Canada survey, 63% of Canadians struggle to make healthier food choices at the grocery store at least half the time they shop.

For more information about Food Smarts Supermarket Tour call 519-344-2062 ext. 2111, toll free 1-800-387-2882 or visit www.lambtonhealth.on.ca. Registration is FREE but limited to 10 participants.

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