Legionnaires dominate St Marys 8-2

Sarnia Legionnaires pay tribute to hockey moms and give the gift of victory

The Sarnia Legionnaires dominated St. Mary's 8-2 Thursday night

The Sarnia Legionnaires faced the St. Marys Lincolns on Thursday night at the Sarnia Arena.  Before the game got underway a little Valentine’s gift for truly the greatest supporter of minor hockey, the Hockey Mom.  Members of the Legionnaires gave their moms, billet moms and a few grandmothers a rose and a hug to say thanks for all the support.  Each mom wore the sweater of their son, adopted son or grandson and showed their pride in their boys.

The Legionnaires were playing for mom and it showed as they opened up the scoring at just 16 seconds into the game with an unassisted goal by Jon Sanderson. The crowd knew a penalty was coming up and anticipated the whistle but before the ref could blow, the puck was in the net and Sanderson had goal number 10 on the season.  St. Marys would answer back with a goal from Michael Andrews but Alec DeKoning would put Sarnia back out in front with a goal at the 15:05 mark

Sarnia would be two for five on the powerplay and got those goals in the second period.  Greg Hay would get the set up from DeKoning at 3:02 of the second to put the Legionnaires up by two.  Nolan DeGurse would get the second powerplay goal, unassisted at 6:54. Hay would get his second goal of the night less than two minutes later when he took the set up from Jon Sanderson and Brock Perry.  St. Marys would get their own powerplay goal from Mitch Bakker which closed out the period with Sarnia leading 5-2.

The third period belonged to Sarnia as the Legionnaires would pepper goaltender Kevin Linker who had come in to relieve Evan Morrison.  Joel Pavey would get the first Sarnia goal of the period just 43 seconds in.  Cameron Hough would take the feed from Jarrett Marks for the second goal and then Sam McCormack would close out the game with goal number three on the period and the Legionnaires skate away with a nice 8-2 win.

A great way to honour the teams moms, billet moms and grandmas and give the 1,100-plus fans in attendance a great night of hockey.  The Legionnaires will next host the Leamington Flyers on Saturday night at the Brock St. Barn, with a game time of 7:10.

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