Let’s bring this not-so-new ‘killer app’ to our community

Kindness could be at the very heart of what drives human value in Sarnia-Lambton

You may be familiar with the term—”killer app”—as one that found its way into the computer lexicon in its early days. One of the first examples, according to my research, was the VisiCalc computer spreadsheet, authored by Dan Bricklin after he saw a presentation at Harvard University.

When VisiCalc was launched, it was only available on the Apple II computer (kids, ask your parents or Google it).

The “killer app” part of the story has to do with VisiCalc (which sold for $100) being responsible for sales of a computer ranging in price from $2,000 to as much as $10,000.

So let’s get to the point (I can hear you saying).

In today’s society, we need a “killer app” of sorts that has the potential for delivering a virtually unlimited amount of value to those who use it AND those who connect with others.

And it’s not Facebook.

I believe one candidate for “killer app” status is the act of kindness. Or just plain old, but astoundingly revolutionary in some respects, “kindness.”

I know we experience this on a daily basis. But I seem to recall that during the period starting around Dec. 1 and carrying on through Dec. 25 (but not much past that), we experience moments all around us when kindness seems to flow freely.

People are friendly, They wave. They let others merge into traffic (even when it might slow themselves down). They might even pay for someone’s order in a drive-thru.

I think there’s an opportunity for this “kindness app” to take hold, to spread throughout the community, to become the “thing” that people just naturally want to do, with the only promise for self-benefit being the realization that kindness is “self-replicating” in a very real sense.

By not caring about “what’s in it for me,” we could very well set the stage for a revolution of sorts, a community where it becomes commonplace to “do unto others.”

The result will, I believe, be revolutionary. Call it the kindness factor. Or whatever else you think fits.

But the most important thing is to start doing it. Show you care. Witness the effect it will have on others as well as yourself.

Let’s change the world.

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