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Lambton Shield is looking for people who want to tell stories about the community

One of my favourite writers is Seth Godin, a marketer extraordinaire who has written several thought-provoking books, one of which is “Tribes,” which has a lot to do with creating groups of people, large or small, who are connected to one another.

Arguably, a community like Sarnia-Lambton is an extension of that thought, although we’re actually many groups of individuals, rather than a single, monolithic one.

When Lambton Shield was launched nearly six years ago, one of the central themes was that we would work to connect this community through stories, and that still holds true.

But it’s a job that requires the involvement of people—perhaps you or someone you know—for it to really blossom.

And here’s my thought as we continue see this community grow.

This digital representation of a community that we all can “grow into” is one that a lot more people can take part in over time.

One area that I’d specifically like to connect with are the students, most likely at the high school level, who see themselves as budding story tellers, young writers, perhaps some of whom are thinking about journalism or creative writing as a career, who would like to get their feet wet.

An opportunity exists with Lambton Shield.

We’re looking for people—one or two, perhaps more, from each area school—who would like to become correspondents for Lambton Shield, telling the stories that we know are out there, using words and pictures (photos or video) and the kind of creative energy that will make us all a little stronger, richer and more vibrant.

We’re also interesting in hearing from representatives of various groups who are active in the community, groups who are able to connect us all in a way that helps build community.

If you know someone (maybe even yourself?), let’s talk.

A simple e-mail will get the conversation moving forward.

This is potentially a powerful first start in continuing to build a community that we can all lean into.

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  • Jim Moran

    We are definitely all connected with stories. I’m sure early information transmission was all stories. All religions are based on stories handed down (or up!) and, at some point, recorded. Most likely in pictures to begin with. Fascinating topic!!