Letter to the Editor: Family Law reform group will not be silenced

I am writing this letter in response to “lawyers challenge family law protests.”

I am one of the many thousands of unfortunate people that were, and still are being crushed by the Family Court system. I was married for less than six years. When my Family Court proceedings began back in 2000 I had no idea at the time how much danger my daughter and I were in. 13 years later I am still in the system.

Janet Whitehead, vice-chairperson of the County & District Law Presidents’ Association has said “she believes most family lawyers actually try to settle cases as quickly and efficiently as possible.. Well that certainly does not speak true about my case and I am only one of thousands in the same situation.

Brockville attorney Michael Johnston has said that recent protests by Canadians For Family Law Reform have brought “unfair attention to the family justice system.” I would like to know what unfair attention Mr. Johnston is referring to?

In fact I would like to challenge Janet Whitehead and Michael Johnston to sit at a table with me in front of the media with my file and perhaps they can answer how fair my case was handled and how quickly and efficiently it was handled. This would be a golden opportunity to prove both of their statements true.

In my opinion the Family Court system along with most family law lawyers are in the business of destroying families, and it is an extremely profitable business. Family Courts routinely deprive Canadian families of their children and their assets without due process and without truly considering the ”best interest of our children.”

The role of parents in the lives of their children is one of unquestionable value, and should be supported by the Family Courts instead of destroyed. The vital role of parents is increasingly under attack by the Family Court system. Parental rights are one of those natural God given rights that must be protected.

The Family Court system have been left to their own devices for far too long and are KILLING the spirit of families everywhere!

The County & District Law Presidents’ Association of over 11,000 lawyers do not agree with CFFLR. All I can say is…..We are NOT only CFFLR members. We are thoughtful, committed Canadian citizens. We are VICTIMS of the Family Court system, we are everywhere, we are organizing, AND WE ARE MANY!! It is our responsibility as citizens of Canada and as parents to remind our Government of its limitations! We the VICTIMS of the Family Court system are coming together and WE SHALL NO LONGER BE SILENT!!!

Joe Edwards

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