Local architecture firm busy on Bayside Centre project

David Gilchrist Architect continuing to gather community input through Jan. 28

Members of the team working on the redevelopment of the Bayside Centre include, from left, Gregory Ross, David Gilchrist, Natalie Jackson and Ruth Burkhart.

A team of professionals at David Gilchrist Architect are working collaboratively on a number of design proposals related to Bayside Centre but ideas and input are being actively solicited through an online survey.

Gregory Ross, one of the architects, says the new owner of the project continues to reach out to the community for input to the downtown mall and the adjacent area.

MIG Engineering is also key to the development work with the new owner, the key principal being Gord Laschinger of Wilsondale Assets Management, a Vaughn, Ont.-based developer.

Ross said a story on Lambton Shield published last Saturday generated considerable interest—”the largest weekend spike in survey responses since the project unveiling in December.”

“It is important to give as many people a possible an opportunity to share their ideas while there is potentially an opportunity to advance conceptual design,” he added.

The survey (at www.baysidecentre.ca) will be available until January 28, 2016.

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