Local entrepreneur sets her sights on helping others redefine their business

When Kathleen Mundy set out to redefine herself as a successful entrepreneur, it was out of necessity, the need being to fund her daughter's education and set her own self on a course of financial independence.

Not only did Mundy do so, building a network of Little Caesars pizza stores throughout the Sarnia-Lambton area, but she found herself wanting to help others do the same.

But the Little Caesars experience is perhaps only the starting point of that story.

Mundy acknowledges she had very little money to fund even one store, but beginning in 2003, she added a store a year with proceeds from what became a vibrant operation.

Along the way, she discovered a shortfall in what a prospective business owner has to overcome if they are to truly succeed, especially after picking a franchise model as the vehicle.

"With most franchises, you get operational standards, but they don't teach you anything about business," says Mundy, who has since hired her daughter (yes, the same one she helped put through school) to head up marketing and operations.

That shortfall is one that Mundy hopes to help a select group of clients overcome with her new business: Making Your Own Money.

Her knowledge gained through building and operating the local Little Caesars stores is the launching point for the new venture.

Mundy's focus for the business coaching behind Making Your Own Money is on systems, creating a sustainable enterprise that can generate cash "for as long as they want or need it to."

When Mundy spoke with an accountant about her approach, his comment set her entrepreneurial mind awhirl.

"He said 'do you have any idea how many of my clients need this?' she recalls. "I knew then that the concept behind Making Your Own Money would have a receptive audience."

Mundy's approach includes a "boot camp" that brings together no more than 20 clients who gather for a two-day dissecting of each of their businesses—a complementary approach that simply works better than one might first imagine.

"Everyone brings something to the table," says Mundy. "At the end of the two days, everyone will have completely redesigned their business, with a clear strategy for what they need to do to move forward."

The real gains come by allowing people to have a company that's more efficient and, frankly, a better work environment.

"It's about a healthier bottom line and managing the things that make your life more enjoyable. People today are working way too hard."

Mundy acknowledges that for a variety of reasons, the most accepting prospects for Making Your Own Money won't be in the Sarnia-Lambton area.

Which is why Making Your Own Money has taken if not a global approach, certainly a North American one.

Mundy can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]

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