Local Director Aaron Huggett delivers a punchy tale of greed and destiny in Lambton County.

Locally made film about gun toting gangster Red Ryan readies for the big screen

Premieres at The Imperial Sarnia 7th October.

Huggett (in red) and crew on set in Petrolia.

Having watched writer director Aaron Huggett and his homegrown film crew work against the unforgiving clock on the streets of Lambton county last year to shoot this film, it was a pleasure to see the finished 23 minute release at a recent press screening hosted by Huggett at The Rock Church in Sarnia.

By Edward John Allen
Dan Huggett bringing his nephew and co star Cohen Huggett to set.

Already submitted to numerous major film festivals for consideration, the gritty and poignant morality tale of local gangster Red Ryan is sharply told using all manner of local acting and production talent. Working from a shoestring of a budget partly raised via an Indiegogo funding campaign in late summer 2015, Huggett has created an entertaining and quietly witty movie about this dark chapter of local crime history that deserves to be seen. Its public premiere will take place on October 7, 2016 at The Imperial Theatre, Sarnia, and tickets are available via  http://www.imperialtheatre.net/ box office. What better way to support Sarnia’s burgeoning film community! Visit Visit https://www.facebook.com/RedRyanFilm for further details.

By Edward John Allen
Kevin Wyville (striped shirt) brings humor to the set (and onscreen too!)

While hoping that Red Ryan catches the critics attention on the festival scene over the summer, Huggett is however already looking forward to his next creative adventures, (and the many many hours of dedicated work and commitment from him and his whole team) As they say “watch this space!”

By Edward John Allen
Phil Babcock (left) and Red Ryan Dan Huggett (centre) prepare for action on set in Petrolia.

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