Local marathoner set to compete in Boston Marathon

Wes Harding will also pair up with local teenager at Toronto event this coming October

Wes Harding, a self-acknowledged former “couch potato,” will once again be competing in the Boston Marathon on April 18, considered by many in the running community as being one of the year’s signature events.

Harding, who is an educator by training, works in a Point Edward-based family business when he isn’t training or competing, including his involvement in Team Hoyt, an organization founded by Dick Hoyt and his son Rick.

The mission of Team Hoyt Canada includes being able to “raise awareness of inclusion, educate, inspire and enrich the lives of individuals, families and communities by pairing athletes of differing abilities in endurance events.”

While the storied Boston Marathon is next Monday, Harding says he’s already looking ahead to October 16, 2016 and the Toronto Waterfront Marathon, where he will be paired with 18-year-old Kyrsten Moore, whose parents, John and Nicole Moore, run Junior Baker, a downtown Sarnia store.

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