Local MPP, with nearly 10 years in office, is a lifelong Lambton resident

Bob Bailey talks about growing up in the area and how he continues building relationships

This October, Bob Bailey will be celebrating 10 years as Member of Parliament for Sarnia-Lambton, but being part of the community is a lifelong experience for him, having grown up in the area and spent all his pre-public service career working with his father and then with Nova Chemicals.

When J.D. Booth, editor and publisher of Lambton Shield, sat down with Bailey, it was in his 805 N. Christina St. office, where much of the constituency work is handled.

During the conversation, the MPP made it clear that it’s his small staff that is an essential part of connecting with the public.

Getting to know one of Sarnia-Lambton’s “most interesting” people is always a pleasure and we hope you’ll enjoy this conversation.

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