Petsmart participating in local pet adoption drive this weekend

Event is second quarterly opportunity organized in partnership with Sarnia & District Humane Society

Petsmart's Treasure Blanchard, left, and store manager Christie Wessner with Sadie, one of the pets ready for adoption this weekend.

If you’re thinking about pet adoption, this weekend would be a good time to head down to Petsmart, located near Wal-Mart on Quinn Drive.

Petsmart is taking part in the chain’s┬ásecond quarterly National Adoption Weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (May 13-15), says store manager Christie Wessner.

“We’re working with Petsmart Charities and our local adoption partners,” says Wessner, referring to the Sarnia & District Humane Society in Sarnia.

“Families will be able to come out, see the animals that are up for adoption and hopefully we can come up with some ‘forever homes’ for these animals.”

Wessner says Petsmart works regularly with the Humane Society, but the quarterly events draw special attention to the opportunity. “They’ll be out with kittens and puppies and other small animals [like bunnies] that are looking for adoption.”

Visitors will also be able to enjoy cotton candy, colouring stations for children and take place in learning activities from Petsmart’s pet care department, teaching how to take care of a new animal in the home.

Petsmart contributed $100,000 in cash to help support pet rescue efforts in Fort McMurray and another $61,000 in donations of pet food and supplies. The company is also inviting customers to donate money to the cause and as of Friday, that amount across Canada has totalled $73,000.

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