Local physicians honoured in Patients’ Choice Awards

Dr. Martyn Chilvers and Dr. Todor Dragicevic were among 37 nominated locally

Pictured receiving his Patients' Choice Award is Dr Martyn Chilvers, second from left. Also pictured is (at left) Dr. Sean Peterson, who took over Dr. Chilvers' practice, Tanis Wright, who nominated Dr. Chilvers, and Dr. Michel Haddad, chief of professional staff at Bluewater Health.

Two local doctors have been recognized by a jury of patients who combed through 37 nominations as part of the Patients’ Choice Awards, a program organized in cooperation with the Ontario Medical Association and Bluewater Health through Patients Canada.

Dr. Martyn Chilvers, who recently retired after practicing in Sarnia since July 1983, continues to provide services to other family physicians, was one of those honoured.

The second is a psychiatrist who has been practicing at Bluewater Health since 2013.

Dr. Chilvers was singled out by nominating patients for his genuine compassion and a reputation for sticking by them through the most difficult of moments.

Pictured receiving his award is Dr. Todor Dragicevic (second from left). Also pictured is Dr. Sean Peterson (far left) and Connie Furtney, the nominator, and Dr. Michel Haddad of Bluewater Health.

For his part, the family physician said he was “truly astonished” to have received the award. “I am deeply appreciative of my patient acknowledging my care in such a thoughtful way.”

His patient, Tanis Wright, said Dr. Chilvers “exemplifies what every physician should strive to be: genuinely caring and committed.”

Dr. Dragicevic was said to have “done his homework” on issues his patients were facing and displayed a warm sense of humour, which made daily meetings enjoyable and encouraging.

Connie Furtney, who had nominated Dr. Dragicevic, said he “was very reassuring” in the way he has treated her husband, who is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. “He verbalized sincere respect and admiration for the way in which my husband has fought this disease for 13 years so far.”

Dr. Michel Haddad, chief of professional staff at Bluewater Health, said both physicians are to be congratulated for receiving the honours by Patients Canada.

“The patients’ stories reflected the compassion and kindness each of these physicians provided to their patients.”

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