Local ‘preservationist’ hopes to restore our passion for local history

Steve Loxton, already successful in keeping the Cull Drain Bridge from being scrapped, wants to see it put back in service

A model of the end piece to the Cull Drain Bridge was on display at Heritage Week in Lambton Mall in February. The display is referenced in this week's Spotlight podcast.

it’s been a few years now since the Friends of Cull Drain Bridge were formed to keep what is arguably one of the area’s most significant examples of bridge architecture from being scrapped.

The problem was that not many people were even aware of the existence of the bridge, which was in major disrepair from not being properly maintained over the years.

Steve Loxton

That didn’t stop Steve Loxton from pushing to have the City’s option to remove the bridge (which was a safety hazard), essentially “setting it aside” for future restoration.

Today, the Cull Drain Bridge is resting in Mike Weir Park, but Loxton, who spoke with J.D. Booth of Lambton Shield in early February (before Heritage Week and the display that’s referenced in the interview), still hopes he can eventually see this example of innovative bridge architecture back in service.

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