Rotary Club of Sarnia Bluewaterland commits to $150k project at Centennial Park

Club will pay for replacement of playground equipment and 'therapeutic' area

Pictured representing the Rotary Club of Sarnia Bluewaterland are, from left, Nancy Dease, John Hus and Henry Kulik. Mayor Mike Bradley is at right.

A local service club, the Rotary Club of Sarnia Bluewaterland, has committed to fund playground replacement and the installation of a new therapeutic park as part of the Centennial Park renovations.

Members Nancy Dease, the club’s president, Henry Kulik, who chairs the committee heading the project, and long-time Rotarian John Hus were at City Hall on Friday for a symbolic┬ápresentation to Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley.

The club’s main focus will include the replacement of playground equipment as well as the introduction of a therapeutic park, a facility that may include raised flower beds, all intended to lift the spirits of visitors.

“I don’t think there’s anything like this is in the area,” says Kulik.

The Rotary Club has visited similar projects in other areas of the province in coming up with the concept.

Bradley says the Rotary Club of Sarnia Bluewaterland has been exemplary in its ability to pay back money from the City for various projects. “They’ve been a pioneer in paying it back, even accelerating those payments so we have a very tight relationship with them over probably 20 years now.”

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