Local students now helping to build kitchen for school in Kenya

mike hurry and boyThe YMCA Project Kenya team of 19 high school students from Sarnia have officially begun to help construct a new kitchen for the Tigithi Primary school in Tigithi, Kenya.

The Tigithi Primary School currently has 270 students enrolled ranging in age from 4-13. Each child, regardless of financial or home situation, is required to bring a piece of firewood to school to be used to cook government-provided lunches. Every child is provided a hot lunch every day (although they are required to bring their own bowl and utensils). Lunch usually consists of maize and beans (githeri), ugali or stew and vegetables. After the new energy efficient kitchen is completed, students will only have to bring firewood every 3-4 days instead of everyday. 

The YMCA Project Kenya students have been split into three teams and grouped with students from both Tigithi Primary School as well as DEB Solio Primary school. These three groups will rotate activities and each student will get the chance to work on the new kitchen. Student involvement in construction of the new kitchen will continue until February 11, after which the students will begin to prepare for climbing Mt. Kenya starting February 13.

YMCA Project Kenya, in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters, is a youth leadership initiative that offers leadership development experiences with a special focus on community service and philanthropy. The students are  gaining insight into their personal leadership potential and abilities, group dynamics, communication, volunteerism  and philanthropy as well as developing a new perspective and sense of responsibility as members of the global community.

To follow the group (lead by Mike Hurry (pictured), Big Brothers Big Sisters Executive Director) and read their daily progress please visit their Facebook and blog sites:

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/projectkenyasarnia

Blog http://ymcaprojectkenya.ca/blog/

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