Local teams travel to London for rugby tournament

High school teams, including Northern and St. Pat's, compete

Photo by Madison Taylor.

Wednesday at Western University, a tournament was held for high school ladies rugby.  The weather was beautiful all day, allowing the participants to focus on the game.

Teams have travelled up to three hours to participate in this fun and experiential tournament. With games only 30 minutes long, the girls played hard to achieve victory in order to move up in the standings.

Although the Northern Vikings did not do as well as they hoped, they learned new moves and strategies. Northern hopes to surprise their fellow competitors in the next game with built up skill from this tournament experience. Together they competed in a few rough games but had fun playing the sport they love.

The St Pat’s Irish team also had a good learning experience, winning one of their three games. They intend to practice harder and harder, in order to make it to OFFSAA this year.

This tournament was a great learning experience to check out the other teams as well as playing a full day of rugby. It gives the teams a chance to improve their skills by practicing harder as they continue to compete against one another.

The question the girls all have now is: Who will compete in the OFSSAA competition in Ottawa this year?

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