Look out for farmers, warns OPP

Warmer weather means more farm equipment on the roads

The OPP is reminding drivers to be aware of farm equipment on roads as the weather warms up.

“Regardless of who has the lawful “right of way”; a passenger car vs a farming tractor and a load of wagons will result in disaster!” said an OPP news release.

The OPP has a list of tips for driver to remember when they see farming equipment on the road:

  • Recognize slow moving vehicles by the orange triangle and use caution.
  • Realize that farm vehicles travel between 30-40 km/h. Slow down when you see farm equipment on the road and be prepared to stop.
  • Watch for left turns. Not all farm vehicles have turn signals – watch for farmer’s signalling a turn using the same hand signals as a bicycle rider.
  • Be aware that farmers with long or broad equipment sometimes need to make a wide turn. If a tractor swings right, be careful, it may be starting a left turn.
  • The farmer may be unable to pull off the road due to equipment weight or shoulder issues. Wait for a safe opportunity to pass.
  • Leave a wide berth when passing. Some farm equipment takes up more than one lane and some pieces of equipment have pieces protruding that can be hard to see.
  • When finished passing, don’t stop or slow down in front of the farm vehicle. Large equipment can’t brake as quickly as a car

Remember farmers feed cities and in the words of Craig Morgan: “tip your hat and smile and wave to the man up on the tractor.”

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