Lyme disease not an area concern so far this year

While there have been no cases of Lyme disease in humans reported in Lambton County this year, officials remain vigilante with their testing procedures.

Among 90 blacklegged ticks (also known as deer ticks) collected for testing as of Monday (July 23), three were sent for Lyme disease testing.

Two of the three are still awaiting results.

One test now done was negative for the bacteria, said Chad Ikert of the county's Community Health Services department.

Last year there were no confirmed cases of Lyme disease.

Preventive measures such as sticking to trails and avoiding direct contact with tall grass are recommended. Bushes and wooded areas where the insects live should also be avoided.

The wearing of light-coloured clothing can make it easier to spot any ticks.

Ikert has said individuals should check themselves (or have someone else do the observation), especially after walking in tall grass or wooded areas.

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